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automated note-taking

Zoi Meet is an AI Meeting Platform that transcribes important conversations and turns meeting highlights into actionable items to increase follow-up activity and reduce the administrative workload.

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anywhere, anytime

Our unique platform can be used on multiple devices, in different meeting settings, for multiple languages.

Video Conference

Invite Zoi Meet to all your Video Conference calls for smart note-taking during your important conversations.

In-Person Meeting

Use Zoi Meet during your personal meetings to transcribe and record important highlights of your conversation.

Transcribe Audio

Upload your Audio Meeting Files and transcribe everything that was said to review, edit and share with your team.
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Never Miss Out

on valuable information

Can't make it to the meeting? Or are you too busy to attend all of them? With Zoi Meet you will be able to join meetings virtually or review notes later on.

✓ Live Meetings with Multilingual Subtitles
✓ All your meetings in one archive
✓ Sentiment, Discussion Topics & Auto-Summary
✓ Review, Edit and Export all your meetings
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Faster Follow-Ups

& increased focus

Zoi Meet knows when it is time to take action, and stores those minute notes, as actionable items. Export them to your most used business solutions within your company.

✓ Actionable items using Intent Recognition
✓ Create your own action trigger words
✓ 3rd Party software integration
✓ Export your follow-up items

Better Understanding

of your daily meetings

A solution that recognises your report, department, team member names or specific terminology relevant to your company and industry.

Custom trained Micro-Engines
✓ Corporate Lingo recognition
✓ Industry terminology modules
✓ Add words to your Custom Dictionary
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Improve Meetings

Increase Productivity

while saving money

✓ Reduce up to 50% of your administrative workload
✓ Save up to 5 hours per week, per user
✓ Improve overall in-meeting engagement 
✓ Up to 70% more follow-up accuracy
✓ Attend less meetings, but stay updated

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