7 Ways teams are using Zoi Meet to improve their meetings

Meetings are at the order of the day within many companies and, let’s face it, very few people enjoy them. They are usually time consuming, routine and many times employees leave with different takes about what the meeting was about. However, it doesn’t have to be like this. Nowadays there are several tools which allow you to make your meetings more valuable. One of these tools is Zoi Meet, trust us that by implementing Zoi Meet into your meetings you will find that meetings will turn into a productive, non disruptive moment of your daily workflow.

These are 7 ways teams are using Zoi Meet to make their meetings smarter:

1. Automatically capturing meeting notes for an increased human interaction.

Zoi Meet allows you to automatically record and transcribe meeting notes, shifting the focus to the conversation by providing the chance for more human interactions. Zoi Meet takes screens away from a meeting, so that the only thing you need to focus on is the speaker and what they are saying. Imagine a meeting where everyone is making actual eye contact and not just sitting around a table staring at their own screen. Also, everyone will be able to collaborate because no one has to be focused on taking notes. 

Using our software will also save your employees time. In fact, because of the shareable transcript option, fewer people need to attend and other people who would usually be asked to attend, such as remote team members, busy high-level managers, specialists who only need to jump in for a portion of the meeting. These people will also be able to multitask while listening to the recording. 

2. Sharing key summaries with attendees and no-shows

You can use Zoi Meet to highlight key conversations and make sure there are clear takeaways and you can also find a section with the most used keywords. You can also share the transcript and audio-files with all of the attendees and with the people who were not able to attend the meeting.

3. Analyze sales calls

Zoi Meet can also be used as a tool after your sales calls. Keep in mind to always ask for permission when recording a call. The transcription and audio recordings  can be useful to get feedback from your peers or manager in order to assess both strong and weak exchanges during your pitch. Action Triggers within Zoi Meet can also result into shorter sales cycles as you increase the follow-up productivity of your sales team.

4. Brainstorming

Zoi Meet improves your brainstorming sessions. Once again, no one will need to write anything down and can be fully participant and active in the conversation. The more people are actively participating, the more of a chance for a great idea 🙂 In fact, humans talk far quicker than they can write.

5. Improving transparency and collaboration

Once you share information with an employee and let them feel part of a process, they will automatically be brought to take ownership of the matter. Zoi Meet increases the level of accountability of your team members. This can be achieved by looking at the action points section, where it will be visible to everyone which actions need to be taken and who needs to be responsible for them. In addition to that Zoi Meet allows also for a higher collaboration also between different departments. Think about it, the more people you share it with, the more ideas and solutions you will get: it is true that most times the best ideas come from people on the “lower levels” of a corporation, because they deal more hands-on with the issues you are having meetings about.

6. Recording meetings with sensitive information

Teams also use Zoi Meet to record meetings and calls with sensitive information, such as customer calls, due diligence, surveys. This can help the caller focus on the conversation and avoids any issues of miscommunication. For example, in the case of a due diligence conversation, there can be instances during which the conversation gets complicated with specific terminology or numbers: having a transcript to look back at will be extremely handy and avoid the unfavorable chance of you forgetting some essential piece of information.

7. Making the workplace more accessible

Meetings can be difficult to follow, especially if they are over the phone or via video call, for several reasons such as: bad connection, trouble hearing, accents or simply speaking English as a second language. In this case it will be super useful to follow the live transcript provided by Zoi Meet to avoid any awkward moments if you didn’t fully understand what the person on the other end of the call said . The transcript also solves this problem for who gets the transcript post-meeting, since the speed of the audio files is adjustable. It can therefore be made slower, if you’re having trouble understanding what the person is saying or, on the other hand, it can also go faster, if you want to listen to the conversation, but at a faster pace to save time. 

These are just some of the ways Zoi Meet can improve your meetings! Try it out for your next meeting and let us now how you implemented Zoi Meet in your company to make your meetings smarter.