A New Meeting Experience for Microsoft Teams

Microsoft once again broke a personal record of registering 2.7 billion meeting minutes, an uptake of 200% compared to the 900 million meeting minutes since March 16, 2020 as “in-person meetings” became “social distanced meetings”.

Microsoft stated that the total video calls on Teams were up 1000% since the first COVID-19 restrictions globally, and that it has surpassed 44 million daily users, while being used in 91 out of the Fortune 100 companies.

Those are some impressive statistics, and as an official partner of Microsoft, we are happy to see this global adoption of MS Teams happening. And to make your meeting experience even better, we are excited to share with you a new MS Teams meeting experience with Zoi Meet that will take your productivity to the next level.

Zoi Meet for Microsoft Teams

Zoi Meet is an award-winning solution that captures your MS Teams meetings and provides you with smart insights into all your important conversations. Zoi Meet joins your daily meetings within seconds to record and transcribe your Microsoft Team meetings with time-stamped audio to play back what was said and by who. 

But, that’s not all. 

Zoi Meet is smart and provides you with key insights into your MS Teams meetings. Automatically flag important highlights during your meetings such as actionable items, reminders, or decision-making moments. You can customize Zoi Meet’s highlight triggers to fit your communication style.

Right after your MS Teams meeting you can review and edit your meeting transcript and even create your own summary. Export your important meeting data and share information easily and fast within your MS Teams Channels or CRM system. By using Zoi Meet you will save valuable time and become even more productive.

Zoi Meet for Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams Live Transcriptions

Live Transcripts for Microsoft Teams meetings are available to display in different languages at the same time. This allows participants to follow what’s being said in real-time, and if needed, in their own language (beta) for a better understanding. Zoi Meet will support your multilingual meetings and also support those hard of hearing to feel more included.

Private and Secure

We guarantee that your data is always stored in servers that are following top IT security standards. And when we say your data, we mean your data, which belongs to no one else. Voice and meeting data privacy is ensured as we are fully GDPR compliant and never share any personal data. Need even more security and privacy? Select our on-premise deployment (with a customized speech engine) to make sure no data travels beyond the walls of your company.

Interested to try Zoi Meet?

Make sure to register your email by clicking on the button below to get early access to Zoi Meet for Microsoft Teams. We will share our solution with all register MS Teams users within the next weeks to come. Only those users that registered will be receiving an early access account.

Post main image source from www.microsoft.com

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