The Zoi Meet Archive

Within your archive you will find all the meetings that Zoi Meet has joined and processed for you. Within your archive you will be able to search, edit, review and export your meetings.

Within your archive you have four options to review and process your meetings:

1. This is your inbox where all your meetings can be found
2. This is your "Action Item" list of all triggered highlights
3. This is where you will see an overview of most spoken words & topics
4. This is where you can create your own summary report to export

You can deep-search your archive to find the most important moments of your meeting by using the search feature within your archive. This allows you to quickly recap meetings and listen back to the key moments of your conversation.

1. Select a meeting you like to review
2. On the top right of the screen enter a search query
3. Press enter to search through your meeting

3. How to edit your transcript
Due to background noises, accents, unrecognized names, or simply a bad connection during your meeting, Zoi Meet might make some mistakes in transcribing your meeting correctly. However, you are able to correct the mistakes yourself by editing the transcript directly within the platform.

1. Find a chat bubble that has some mistakes in it 
2. Double click on the specific chat bubble 
3. Edit your text
4. Click outside of the bubble to save the edits automatically 
4. How to add a highlight to the transcript
It may happen that you want to highlight something within your transcript which was not triggered (recognized) by Zoi Meet. You can simply add a highlight label to any specific part of the meeting manually in the following way:

1. Find the part of the meeting you like to highlight
2. Click on the drop-down icon on the top right of the chat bubble
3. Select a highlight label to connect to the chat bubble
4. Your new highlighted part will be listed in the action item list

5. Removing a highlighted moment
In case Zoi Meet has identified a moment of your meeting wrongfully as a highlight, you can remove the highlight manually. To do so you can follow these steps:

1. Find the specific highlight you like to remove from within the transcript
2. Click on the drop-down icon to reveal the highlight labels
3. Click on "None" within the list to remove the highlight
6. Reviewing your most spoken keywords
Zo Meet automatically keeps track of the most spoken keywords within your meeting. This allows you to quickly filter through your meeting to spot competitor names, product names, how often is pricing mentioned? And much more. Simply click on the third menu icon to find your most spoken keywords.

1. Click on the third menu icon in the left menu of your archive
2. Click on a word in the keyword cloud to filter the transcript

7. Creating a summary report
With Zoi Meet you can create your own summarized reports to share the most important information with your clients and team.
Using a simple drag-and-drop system you can drag the most important moments from your conversation from the right side of the screen to the left in order to build your summary.

1. Click on the 4th menu item of your archive menu
2. Drag the transcript bubbles from the right side of the screen to the left side

In case you like to remove an item from your summary you can simply select the item on the left side of the screen and click delete. By clicking on the "Select All" you can delete all items at the same time

8. Exporting your meeting data
Within Zoi Meet you can export all sorts of meeting data to share with your team or clients. On the top right of the screen within your archive you will find three dots that will open up a menu when clicked on. You an export the audio file, transcript, action items or summary. This data you can directly upload into your CRM or communication channels to keep everyone up to date.

1. Click on the three dots (menu) on the top right of your archive
2. Select what kind of data you like to export

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