Boost sales with Note-Taking

Note-taking, if done efficiently, can be an essential part of your sales process. Some may argue that this statement is false. For example, some counter-arguments may be that taking notes during sales calls breaks the connection with the buyer, diminishes one’s focus, it’s a waste of time and makes the buyer uncomfortable. However, with today’s technology and automation, there is no need to worry about these scenarios. 

Note-Taking during your sales calls will boost your performance and here are the reasons why:

Note-taking will help you remember everything the buyer said

Because let’s be real, it’s impossible to remember 100% of a 60-minute conversation and by not taking notes you could miss or forget some points and interactions that were very important for the buyer.

It shows you care and that you think the buyer is important

By letting the buyer know that you are taking notes, they will feel important. By noting their thoughts and opinions you will show them that you care about what they have to say and that you want to remember their opinion.

It highlights your listening skills

Everyone knows sales representatives are good at talking and that is an extremely handy skill to have, but the ability to listen is just as important, and showing your buyer that they are being heard can be a valuable asset to closing your deal

Improves your follow-up

Good notes make good talking points for your next call and will also help you remember agreed-upon action points. At the same time, note-taking will also help prevent misunderstanding during your follow-ups and avoid any “I didn’t say that” situations.

Notes help create a better buying experience

By taking good notes, you will ask good questions and present your product/service in the best way possible tailored to the buyer’s needs. Note-taking also shows you are human and not just the sales tiger that you are and will help develop a greater connection with your buyer.


At the same time, not all notes can bring these results. You ought to make sure you produce high-quality notes. By scribbling your notes on a piece of paper in as few words possible, you might not be able to understand them when you look back at them a week later and arranging them will be a waste of precious time. The most accurate option to choose nowadays should be that of using automated note-taking software that will do all the work for you or by call recording.

This way it will be easier to make note-taking a habit and you don’t risk forgetting to note down important moments of the conversation. Get started with a free 14-day-trial today and never worry again about taking your own notes during your sales calls.

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