Turn Meetings and Calls
Into Customer Intelligence
Gain better insight into customer conversations to deliver better outcomes, retain clients with better service, and understand your market better by capturing, transcribing, and analyzing all calls and meetings.
World's Leading Enterprise Teams Choose Zoi Meet
Get True Visibility Into
Customer Conversations
Customer interactions happen at high velocity making it very likely to forget key points and next steps. With Zoi Meet you will be able to revisit your conversations and listen back to what was said, and by who, including the most important key topics.
Revisit Key Customer
Interactions and Highlights
Drag and Drop the most important moments from your Customer Meetings from your transcript to your summary report field. Create rich summaries of conversations to share with your team or upper-management within just a few minutes of your time.
Understand your market better
Truly understand what goes on in your market, so you can perfectly align your strategy and messaging.
Identify churn signals faster
Know what goes on in the mind of your customers and identify churn signals before losing the customer.
Become a better service provider
Review your conversations and support yourself and your team using real data to coach on improvement.
Foster company wide feedback 
Easily share customer feedback with everyone in your company to truly hear your customers voice.
Increase customer service speed
Up to 50% faster follow-ups with your customers right after your conversation is done to increase CSM productivity.
Improve Customer Lifetime Value
Review past conversations and identify your next steps to increase Customer LTV through quality customer service.
Always Stay on Top of the
Next Steps and Follow-ups
Increase your follow-up speed with customers supported by accurate highlights and information with automatic detection of next steps and important highlights that were discussed.
Share Your Customer's Voice
With Team's and Departments
You can give every part of your organization direct access to your customers voice to experience first-hand what they think, feel, and say about your company or product. Share insights to drive outside-in thinking within different teams and departments to reach your business desired outcomes faster.

Ready to improve your Customer Service?
Create visibility, provide understanding, and deliver bottom line impact.

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