Providing a unique tool that has the power to take your business teams to maximum productivity by giving them the necessary resources to get the most out their meetings.

Collaborate Better,

smarter & more productive

Zoi Meet gives teams the power to scale high performance with increased follow-up activity after meetings. Improve the overall participation of your team.

✓ Real-Time Multilingual Transcriptions
✓ Searchable Transcripts in Audio and Text Format
✓ Meeting Summaries and Highlight Reports
✓ Team Access To One Shared System 
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Top Features

to optimise your workflow and teamwork


Record, review, edit and share meetings with
your corporate team members.


Data is encrypted and stored with server-side encryption, transferred over a secure TLS.


Drag and drop highlights to have a clear report
of important parts of the meeting.


Understand the intent of your team's actions
and how much productivity increased.


Invite Zoi Meet to your video conference
meetings to take smart minute notes.


Instant transcriptions on multiple screens, on multiple devices, in different languages.

Project Meetings

become more productive

Your team meetings are important to the productivity and outcome of any given project, so make sure that Zoi Meet captures all points of action and highlights during meetings to increase engagement and follow-up activity.
Easily create highlight reports
Drag and Drop Highlights to create lean reports of the most important parts of your meeting to share with management teams and decision makers.
Make sure tasks are assigned
Zoi Meet automatically decides upon reminders, notes, questions, decisions and actions for your team to follow-up on to make sure work gets done.

Sales Meetings

have better outcomes 

Sales Meetings are important to enhance the success of your company, so invite Zoi Meet to your calls and make sure that you don't miss out on the details.
Join remotely and share your notes
Your team can log in remotely and follow a live transcript of your sales meeting or you can share your meeting notes afterwards so everyone is updated on what was discussed.
Have a better follow-up system
Easily reflect on your last conversation with your client in detail, on what was discussed and agreed upon, so you can proceed quickly.

Interview Meetings

are captured in detail

Valuable information often gets lost when interviewing people as much details are being discussed. Zoi Meet captures all the important information of your interview including searchable audio fragments.
See what topics are discussed most
Review your discussion topics of the interview to see how often important items are mentioned such as competitor names or product reflections.
Know how people felt during the interview
Have better understanding with the Tone Analysis within Zoi Meet to determine the sentiment of the chosen words during the interview
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For small divisions and bigger teams

Zoi Meet Enterprise

Record and play back meetings
Unlimited Meeting Recordings*
10 guests for remote meetings
Live transcriptions in 5 languages
Search, edit and share meetings
Action Items after meetings
Smart Meeting Insights
Note taking for video calls
Private Enterprise Environment
One shared meeting archive
Third Party Integrations
Admin and User Management
Dedicated Account Manager


Per user, Per month
Zoi Meet Professional
Record and play back meetings
1500 Audio Minutes
3 guests for remote meetings
Action items after meetings
Smart Meeting Insights
Note taking for video calls
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