Highlight Triggers

Zoi Meet has the ability to automatically detect important highlights of your meeting. This way, you can flag questions, reminders, decisions, actions and reminders without having to take a note. Zoi Meet offers a powerful combination of Artificial and Human intelligence by letting you customize your highlight triggers, while Zoi Meet learns from them. This way you are in full control of your own highlight detection for each call.
Where to find your highlight triggers
Before every meeting, you can customize your highlight triggers to capture the important moments of your conversation.

1. Click on triggers in the top navigation menu bar

How to add a trigger

You can always add triggers to your account in the following way:

1. Within a category look for the empty "Add Trigger" box
2. Type in your new trigger and press "Enter"

How to remove a trigger
You can always remove a highlight trigger from your list in the following way:

1. Look for the trigger you like to remove
2. Click on the "x" next to the trigger to remove the item
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