How Zoi Meet Improves your Company Culture

Company culture is in important feature in any company, nowadays more than ever. Having a solid company culture has shown to increase productivity by supplying employees with a sense of belonging and accountability. Company culture is formed by many branches which all unify together for the big picture. How Zoi Meet can help to improve your company culture is by focusing on one of those branches: the meeting culture. In fact, you can translate what mentioned above also into the single aspect of meetings. A great meeting does not just depend on getting the right people in the room. You can have all the right people, but if they are not given the right tools, the meeting will never reach its full potential. Companies are spending as much as $9 Billion on meetings and follow-ups, but without proper structure those meetings will still be a waste of time.

The most important thing to do, is to create a general understanding of meeting value. In order to make your team members embrace the importance of meetings within your company, you have to let them know why they are important in the first place. You could prepare a meeting handbook: explain what are the reasons for having meetings in your company and what the goal of meetings is. This way your employees will understand that meetings are a valuable use of time.

However, in order to make this statement true, you need to follow these guidelines: 

  1. Limit the number of attendees at meetings. Be respectful of everyone’s time and make sure that the people who are invited actually need to be there. If they don’t, but you still want them to know what was discussed, you can always send them the transcript after the meeting;
  2. Make sure the meeting has a clear impact on the business performance. This can be achieved by having clear following actions and by ensuring that there will be a proper and timely follow up. Avoid assigning the same action to two people, to secure accountability.

Zoi Meet comes of aid for both of these solutions, by providing a shareable transcript and audio files, so that you can keep your meetings small, with the people who are making the decisions. Furthermore,  by providing a software that will help you make meetings more organized by automatically highlighting action points as they are being said.