Joining a meeting with Zoi Meet
What is Zoi Meet?
Zoi Meet is an AI solution that joins online meetings in order to capture everything that is being said and process this information into searchable transcripts and conversational insights. This means that after your meeting with Zoi Meet you will be able to retrieve all the valuable information from your meeting instantly and save a lot of time on note-taking and follow-up time.
Where is the recorded meeting data stored?

Any recorded meeting data is stored on AWS servers that follow the highest security standards and are located in Iceland following GDPR regulations. Recorded meeting data will always belong to the user that invites Zoi Meet to a meeting and will not be used for any commercial purposes or in any case leave our servers.

GDPR Compliance

Zoi Meet guarantees that your meeting is being processed securely and stored in Zoi Meet owned (AWS) servers that are following top IT security standards and are fully GDPR compliant. Any data that is captured during the meeting belongs the the host of the Zoi Meet meeting and will not be used for any commercial purposes or in any case leave our servers. We do not label any audio data to personal data and make sure that there is no information stored that can connect this either. You are guaranteed of full GDRP compliance during and after a meeting with Zoi Meet.

Removing recorded data

At all times you can request our company to remove personal recorded data from our servers by reaching out to hello@zoimeet.com - including your meeting data, time and email of the host of the meeting that you joined. We will make sure to contact the data owner and inform that person on the request of data removal. Upon confirmation we will delete the data of our servers within the next 7 days after the request is received.

Using Zoi Meet for your own meetings

You can register your own account to start using Zoi Meet today by registering here for a free Zoi Meet account.

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