Turn Legal Consultations
Into Conversation Intelligence
Ease the burden of dealing with multiple legal cases to become more organized, more accurate, and improve your changes of a positive outcome by capturing and analyzing conversations with Zoi Meet.
Keep Track Of Information
With a Timeline of Events
The format of a legal transcription with Zoi Meet is ideal for attorneys as it provides timestamps and speaker identification to have an accurate flow of information, including the timeline of events.
Deep-search and Extract
Key Moments and Highlights
Revisit conversations and easily extract important parts to create a summary report of key moments to help you formulate questions and keep track of the most important facts.
An Accessible Archive That
Holds Records of The Truth
Have access to your legal transcriptions and insights from anywhere in the world. Our secure online platform allows your to review, edit, and export a reliable source of the captured truth at any moment in time, from your location.
Review, Search, and Edit
Legal Transcriptions
Review, search, and edit your legal transcriptions within the Zoi Meet platform with an easy to use editing feature before copying the data into your file system or exporting it for legal cases.
Have a Clear Understanding
Of What is Said, and Why
Remove the guesswork and have an in-depth look at what was discussed during your court sessions, depositions, and other legal proceedings. Review the most spoken keywords and topics to gain insight into the choice of words and talk-patterns.
Ready to start using Zoi Meet?
Ease the burden, get more organized, have a better chance for a good legal outcome.

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