We use a narrow focussed training method to develop micro-engines that have a higher accuracy in recognising lingo and terminology that is specific to your business.

Speech Recognition

tailored to your business

Most speech engines today offer support for what is called general conversation. However, when it comes to corporate lingo and industry specific terminology, the accuracy of these engines often drop significantly.

Zoi Meet develops micro speech engines that are trained specifically for your organisation so your recordings are more valuable and real-time transcripts are more accurate.
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Training Topics

what we can train specific to your business


Names of your partners, clients or individuals involved within your organisation.


Department and Division titles or Equipment
that is specific to your business.


Report names and documentation that is 
often used within your company.


Ongoing or recurring project titles unique
to your business, partners and clients.


SAP, Logistics, Chemical, Aviation or any other industry specific terminology


Product lines, names and services that your business offers to partners and clients.

Your Data & Privacy

taken very serious

Voice First technology is becoming more adopted within enterprises and we believe businesses should invest, now more than ever, in owning a dedicated speech engine for data privacy and security.
Your meeting data is yours to keep
Zoi Meet makes sure your meeting data, stays yours. As a company we believe in a more secured future for Voice Technology, so we do not sell, trade or otherwise monetise your data for 3rd party advertising. 

We are only the data processors
Private, personal information and your meeting data is encrypted, only available to you and the people you permission to have access. Our rights are only there to process your data and provide the service advertised.