Capture and Analyze
MS Teams Meetings
Share your meeting insights in the hub for teamwork 
Microsoft Team Meetings
With Valuable Insights
Zoi Meet is a member of the Microsoft For Startups Program and an official partner of Microsoft. We offer a smart and powerful conversational intelligence solution to capture and analyze your Microsoft Team meetings to provide insight into what was said.
No download needed, easy to get started, and reliable every single time.
A Smart Meeting Assistant
To Capture Every Detail
Zoi Meet is your personal AI Meeting assistant that will capture every detail of your conversation with automatic note-taking, audio recordings, highlight capturing, and post-meeting follow-ups.
Meeting Summary Reports
Made Quick and Easy
Drag and Drop the most important moments from your Microsoft Teams Meetings from your transcript to your summary report field. Create rich summaries of conversations to share with your team or upper-management within just a few minutes of your time.
Export and Share Your
MS Teams Meetings
Export and share the audio recording, Microsoft Teams transcript, highlights or summary, with the click of a button. Share your calls and meetings in your CRM system or quickly follow-up with a summary to share with your client and save valuable time.
Ready to combine MS Teams and Zoi Meet?
Try out our 30-day free trial and improve your Teams meeting experience even more!

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