Powerful Insights
From Your MS Teams Meetings
Stay focused on the conversation while rich notes are
automatically recorded with detailed transcriptions.
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Save Valuable Time
Searchable transcripts of your meetings will allow you to find what you need, fast. Type in a keyword to see all instances in a quick overview. Play back timestamped recordings and find out quickly who said what with Speaker Identification.
More Understanding
Turn on the live transcriptions during MS Teams meetings to follow what's being said and allow participants to select their own language of choice to follow the meeting in that language. More understanding, less confusion.
Increase Productivity
Customize highlight triggers to flag important moments of your conversations. Follow-up even faster with a clear overview of identified actionable items. Drag and Drop parts of your meeting to create a summarized report to share.

Secure, Private & Reliable

We guarantee that your data is always stored in servers that are following top IT security standards. And when we say your data, we mean your data which belongs to no one else. Need even more security and privacy? Select our on-premise deployment to make sure no data travels beyond the walls of your company.

Reinvent the meeting life cycle


Watch Live Transcripts
Live transcripts can be shown in multiple languages, on multiple screen and devices, so you can always review your meeting in real-time around the world.

Direct Archived Transcripts
No need to wait for your transcript to be processed. Your transcript is directly available to search through and review, even when the meeting is still active.


Search Review & Edit
Search through your meetings with speaker identification and timestamped audio to play back. Create your own summarized report or review your triggered highlights.

Share Your Meetings
Export the audio, transcript, highlights or summary of all your Microsoft Teams meetings and share the knowledge with everyone in your Teams channels.


Customize Your Triggers
Customize your own highlight keywords for Zoi Meet to identify during your meeting so you will have a summary of all your MS Teams highlights.

Invite Zoi Meet
Invite Zoi Meet through your Outlook calendar as a guest participant or directly through the Zoi Meet platform if a meeting has already started.

We are part of the Microsoft Family

Zoi Meet is a proud member of the Microsoft For Startups Program and excited to work together with the Microsoft team to provide a unique meeting and collaboration experience for all MS Teams users around the world.
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