Get Powerful Insights

from your Zoom calls

Stay focused on the conversation while rich notes are automatically recorded with detailed transcriptions to search, review, edit, and share

Save up to 5 hours

of your time every week

Don’t waste time on note taking tasks. Let automation do it for you and simplify your workflows, reduce errors, and save time.
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2x Faster Follow-up

Automatic detection of highlights such as reminders, actions, and decision, to increase your follow-up response time up to 50%.

100% Meeting Focus

Keep focus on the conversation and automatically capture searchable transcripts, with audio recordings to never miss out on any details.

60% Less Recap Time

Drag and Drop the most important moments of your call to create a summary in just minutes to share with your team, customers or partners.

How it works

Invite Zoi Meet
Invite zoi@zoimeet through your calendar or paste the Zoom invite link on our platform.
Zoi Meet Joins
Zoi Meet joins the call at the scheduled time or in a few seconds after the manual invite.
Get Your Transcript
Your transcript and insights will be stored in your archive after your call.

Business Innovation

“Our departments now have less ‘did you do this already?’ type of questions and more action. I really like the idea of looking back at which meetings produced the best follow-up actions and results.”

Customer Success

“It’s so easy to just drag and drop my own highlighted summary to share with my team after my meetings. Really love the fact that I can edit my highlight triggers to match my way of speaking.”

Head of IT Sales

“I use Zoi Meet on a daily basis to improve my sales calls by reviewing what is working and what is not. It helps me to understand better what buying signals I may have missed during my meetings.”

How can Zoi Meet help you?

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Serve Customers Better

Direct insights into any customer-facing conversation for Sales or Customer Success, so you can rely on detailed data rather than guessing.
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Improve Meeting Skills

Stay in the moment and focus on your conversation while you capture every detail that is discussed during an HR, UX or Investment interview.
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Share Information Faster

Deep search your transcripts, extract the highlights, and share your summary with your team in PDF of DOC files to make sure everyone is always up to speed.