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Zoi Meet applied to three use cases

There are many ways Zoi Meet can be helpful to your company, but what are they? We received feedback from some of our beta users, when we asked them if they had any issues related to language barriers and offered them to try out Zoi Meet to see if we could offer a solution to the obstacle.

Using Zoi Meet as a sales tool

A sales representative from a large scale production company said that he found it sometimes problematic to reach out to potential clients overseas. It can happen that the client does not speak English at a good professional level and he does not speak the language of the potential client. It becomes then a hassle to have to translate emails and impossible to video chat without having to hire a translator to add to the call. Another problem arose when meeting in person since there would always be the need to hire a translator, adding more costs for the company. This is how Zoi Meet can help in this situation: the two would be able to schedule a video call and with the help of Zoi Meet they can both speak in their respective languages which get translated instantly on their screen via subtitles. After a successful call, the sales rep can then fly out to the client and meet in person. With Zoi Meet he does not need to hire a translator, but can directly communicate with the potential client, while they both use Zoi Meet on their devices, making for a more personal meeting.

“The best thing about this is that there are no more awkward waiting moments. Before using Zoi Meet, I had to wait for the interpreter to translate what I just said, the conversation wasn’t fluent and sometimes it seemed like they weren’t translating exactly what I said, but putting their own interpretation of it or summarizing it.” – John, Sales representative

Create a better understanding internally

We also talked to a marketing manager who recently moved to Japan for a new job, she is doing her best to learn the language, however, she admitted to not being able to fully understand the conversation during the daily meetings she needs to attend. The company is not willing to change the language of the meeting to English just for her, because it is not the company’s official language, but does supply her with an English transcription of the meeting afterward, but she would like to be able to understand more while the meeting is going on, so that she can actually interact during the meeting instead of sitting there silently. Zoi Meet is an easy solution to this: while sitting in the meeting each person can open up Zoi Meet on their laptop or tablet and that way the meeting gets live translated for their expat colleague on her screen and she will be able to either just listen in or also interact and then her intervention will be translated to her colleagues as well.

“I felt like I was finally part of the team, and not just an outsider sitting in a meeting she does not understand.” – Alice, Marketing Manager


Establishing better relationships overseas

Finally, another issue is one a startup experienced in their international expansion plans. They got invited to present a product at a networking event in Japan, however, most of the audience did not understand English and they ended up missing out on building valuable relationships and opportunities. We offered them to use Zoi Meet, with which they would have been able to project on a screen behind them an instant subtitling translation in Japanese and the audience would have been able to understand more of what they were saying.

“When we went back to Japan with Zoi Meet, we got so much enthusiastic feedback: people were very excited about the fact they were able to understand our presentation so much more.” – Martijn, startup CEO


article by: Letizia Titon