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The secret to an efficient multilingual team

In today’s business world multilingual teams are, in fact,  a reality. Expats are also not necessarily any more people who move to another country for good, seeing how the job market has changed in a way that steady jobs are becoming more and more of abstract thought and job hopping is now a forced reality to most people.

This also means that there are more temporary expats, who were either relocated by their company or just travel abroad from country to country looking for new opportunities and experience to add to their resumes. For these people, learning the language of the country they are temporarily residing in is not realistically achievable. This can pose an issue when the company’s main language is not English. People still end up being hired, despite language barrier issues, because several countries are looking to increase the percentage of expats in their cities and therefore offer therefore incentives for people to move to those specific countries. This often leads to an investment of expensive resources to solve the (temporary) language barrier, or the expat ends up being a “silent sufferer” where he/she is often excluded from conversations.

In other countries the situation is the opposite: there is already a lot of expats in the country who do not, however, speak the language, but might still be very an asset to the company if a solution to the language barrier is found. It is proven to be very useful to have a multilingual team, as it will allow reaching in a cheaper and more efficient way potential clients from all over the world, but at the same time, there is obviously also the need to be able to effectively communicate within the team. Well, wouldn’t it be great if in a multilingual team we would all be able to speak our own language while still understanding each other? It’s a matter of fact, we only ever feel 100% ourselves and are the most confident when speaking our mother tongue.

From a professional standpoint, why would we have to give that up when living in such a multicultural and cosmopolitan world? Why would we have to struggle to get our point across in a meeting, because of having to speak a common language we haven’t fully mastered? And why would we have to rely, in 2019, on someone to do the work for us and make meetings even longer than they already are, because someone needs to repeat everything we just said for everyone to understand it?

Zoi Meet is the secret to creating an efficient multilingual team. We help you make the most of your multilingual employees and make them more efficient workers, which, in turn, will provide a significant increase in available time and financial savings to the company. We break language boundaries, by providing instant multilingual translations and transcriptions during your meetings. No need to rely on translators, interpreters or colleagues to take on your team’s communication of what they like to say. Let your own team take control of their meetings, presentations, and network without the need for expensive resources.

article by: Letizia Titon