Your meeting data, stays yours. As a company we believe in a more secured future for Voice Technology, so we do not sell, trade or otherwise monetise your information.

Privacy & Security is our priority

and guarantee your meeting data is always yours
When it comes to Voice Technology the risk comes from the fact that big technology companies tend to share and sell voice data they collect through their services. We believe in a more secure and private future for businesses when it comes to Voice Technology and Services. Thats why, your meetings are yours to keep. All your conversational information is yours to keep. Even your voice data is yours. We do not, and will not, make any use of your personal information.

Zoi Meet only processes your data to provide you with the best service possible in exchange for a monthly/annual fee. We are also not driven by advertisements and will never share or sell your data for this purpose. When it comes to a free trial, we believe in the same privacy and security values, and will not monitise your data in any way.
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