Remote Working slows down the spread of the Coronavirus

It is to no one’s surprise that the Coronavirus epidemic is affecting the World Economy. Worldwide we witness localized pockets of infection which lead to quarantines, border closures and limited trading disrupting economic relations. Never have there been as many remote workers globally as there are today.

China is working remotely
It is reported that across Asia, desks are empty and phones are quiet. In an attempt to limit the corona virus from spreading, millions of employees in China are working from home.

Japan insists on remote working
Major telecommunication operators and other Japanese firms insist on their employees working from home. Those that refuse to stay home are asked to avoid commuting during rush hours to avoid social contact.

South Korea allows people to work from home
South Korea has reported 977 infections and most major South Korean companies allow their employees to work from home as the virus might spread across the country faster otherwise.

But, what about Europe?

The Coronavirus spreads rapidly and not just through Asia. As of right now, Italian authorities work hard to contain the biggest outbreak of the virus in Europe, and the third biggest outbreak in the world. There are reported cases of people infected with the Coronavirus in Germany, France, and Spain. As time progresses, we can expect more localized pockets of infection to spread across Europe, as Italy might just be the beginning.

Remote Working to slow down the spread of the Coronavirus?

If we look at the solutions at hand, we can communicate quickly by email, MS Teams channels or Slack. We can share and edit documents in Dropbox or Google Drive. And we can have face-to-face meetings with Zoom while a solution like Zoi Meet transcribes what was said to share with the entire team.

So should we follow Asian companies in their decision to encourage remote working? Could we slow down the spreading of the Coronavirus by limiting social contact within the workplace?

Perhaps the Coronavirus will put the remote working work style to the test within global companies in Europe. It has been reported already that large corporations in Italy are insisting on employees working from home to prevent the spreading of the virus. As we keep a close eye on the development of the virus in Europe, we might see an uptake in remote working throughout, as a method to slow down the Coronavirus.

Watch the video below where Eric Yuan (Founder of Zoom) explains about the uptake of Zoom usage and remote working.

CNBC Television footage from YouTube

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