Run meetings like a pro (part I)

There are two aspects involved in making a meeting successful: one is running an efficient meeting; the other is running an effective meeting. In order to make the most out of your meetings, the two must coexist. However, today we will focus on the efficient part of this winning duo. An article on the second will follow in part two of this article.

First of all, you need to keep in mind that when it comes to meetings, planning is everything. Here is your checklist to run meetings in the most efficient way possible:

  • Identify meeting objectives. Make an agenda and have a clear objective for each item;
  • Decide who needs to be in the meeting and why;
  • Prepare a timetable. Indicate the specific time you are going to dedicate to each item, if there are too many items, divide into separate meetings to avoid making the meeting too long;
  • Make sure everyone has a copy of the agenda before the meeting;
  • Prepare and discuss with other key participants on how to approach possible sensitive topics;
  • Start your meeting on time;
  • Introduce each item following the agenda;
  • Control the discussion: encourage quiet participants and make sure extroverted participants don’t dominate the discussion or go off-topic;
  • Give your own views after everyone else and make a final summary highlighting the main takeaways;
  • Agree on a decision, if applicable. Clarify action points and deadlines;
  • Address any valid items that were not on the agenda, but were brought up or schedule a new meeting to discuss them in a dedicated moment;
  • After the meeting make sure everyone gets copies of the meeting minutes and action points, or use Zoi Meet to easily share the file with anyone involved.