Turn Meetings and Calls
Into Sales Intelligence
Gain better insight into what’s happening within your sales teams, pipeline, and your market by capturing, transcribing, and analyzing all sales calls and meetings.
World's Leading Enterprise Teams Choose Zoi Meet
Improve Your Workflow
And Shorten Sales Cycles
Sales meetings have a high velocity, making it very likely to forget key points, next steps, or simply logging your sales calls in your CRM. With Zoi Meet you will be able to revisit your customer interaction, and, log your calls in your CRM with one click.
Be Part of Every Meeting
With Automatic Note-Taking
Zoi Meet syncs with your calendar and automatically joins all scheduled meetings, even if you can't make it. After the meeting is done, you will end up with a full transcript, highlights, keywords and exportable audio file to listen back to the conversation.
Understand your market better
Truly understand what goes on in your market, so you can perfectly align your sales strategy and messaging.
Close deals faster
Review clearly what goes on in the mind of your customers and identify buying signals to close deals faster
Become a better sales rep
Learn topic trends, talk-patterns to support yourself and your team using real data to coach on improvement.
Foster company wide feedback 
Easily share customer feedback with everyone in your company to truly hear your customers voice.
Get more selling time back
AI-generated notes with key topics and highlights automatically pushed to your CRM to save time on admin.
Improve meeting preperations
Review past conversations and next steps to talk only about things that matter to move the deal forward faster.
Deal Collaboration
With Everyone, Anywhere
Connect your Hubspot or Salesforce account and share sales conversations with your internal teams and departments. Keep everyone in the loop of your sales cycle, deals, and pipeline.
Always Stay on Top of the
Next Steps and Follow-ups
Increase your follow-up speed with customers supported by accurate highlights and information with automatic detection of next steps, keywords, and important highlights that were discussed.
Ready to improve your Sales Productivity?
Create visibility, provide understanding, and deliver bottom line impact.

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