Startup Creasphere selects Zoi Meet to work with Roche on privacy compliant speech technology for medical applications

Zoi Meet, leading data privacy compliant speech recognition technology, announced today its participation in Startup Creasphere Batch 6 program, co-creating a pilot together with a Roche team that validates Zoi Meet’s speech data privacy and Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) technologies for medical applications.

“After a long selection process, the team’s decision that Zoi Meet was the right fit for this project was clear and unanimous”

Christian Korz, Director Startup Partnerships, Roche Diagnostics.

There is a lot of information in speech

In our day-to-day conversations we verbally share a lot of information and knowledge that gets forgotten, unnoticed or simply wasted. Not just the value of what we communicate, but also how we communicate. Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) is capable of harnessing and analyzing the value of our communication in an effective and reliable way. Keep track of  answers to questions that could help enterprises run businesses more efficiently; Help doctors to monitor and diagnose patients better; and consumers to communicate more productively.

However, current ASR technology often does not meet the standard of privacy regulations due to data exposure for technology improvements, making it an extremely difficult technology to adopt by organizations. This in effect directly stalls the development of real life valuable speech models due to the lack of data. Speech models that could change entire workflows and diagnostic outcomes if built in a privacy-compliant manner.

Why is data privacy in speech technology important?

  • Privacy – we are living in an era where it’s no longer ok to track someone and infringe on his/her privacy. Facial recognition technology faced a backlash and is being rolled back in many scenarios. We have a chance to not repeat that mistake – let us make sure your speech technology respects privacy and gain the trust of everyone.
  • Scalable – in order to have widespread adoption, the technology needs to be scalable in deployment costs, and also scalable in accessing and processing massive amounts of data. Zoi Meet’s technology is a tick on both. Don’t wait for your financial planning officer to say no, nor when people reject the technology for not trusting it.
  • Accuracy – We train the ASR engine on your enterprise’s real world data, this gives the highest accuracy speech model that is custom tailored to your business. This is only possible when the data process is 100% privacy compliant and has the trust of your data officers, employees and users.

Why is Zoi Meet chosen for the program?

Established in 2018, Startup Creasphere is the first digital health innovation hub in Europe set-up by Roche and Plug and Play to accelerate digital healthcare. Zoi Meet was selected for the program, following a screening process of over 200 startups. Zoi Meet’s unique data privacy compliance technology will help Roche achieve its project goals.

“We are excited to be working together with Roche to validate Zoi Meet’s data privacy and automatic speech recognition technology in the medical sector. With Zoi Meet’s patent pending technology, we plan to empower all data scientists in scaling their AI models with real world data while protecting the privacy of the people”

Zoi Meet CEO, Kevin Oranje

Zoi Meet is the leading speech technology enabler for enterprises with a vision to unleash the untapped potential of spoken knowledge and intelligence. 

Visit Zoi Meet Virtual Booth at Startup Creasphere Batch 6 Kickoff


About Startup Creasphere 

Startup Creasphere is the first Health focused innovation program in Munich, established by Roche and Plug and Play in 2018. We connect startups with industry-leading corporate partners to pilot their technology and drive the ultimate goal of Transforming Healthcare Together.


Twitter @StrtpCreasphere


About Zoi Meet

Zoi Meet develops data privacy compliant speech recognition and analysis technology. Especially for enterprises and services that seek to unleash the untapped potential of knowledge & information within our spoken communication – such as meetings, sales calls, video conferencing, conferences, telehealth etc – Zoi Meet advocates AI privacy, scalability & accuracy with our patent-pending innovation built on data privacy compliance and trust.For more information, kindly contact Zoi Meet at hello@zoimeet.com or reach out to :

Kevin Oranje, CEO – https://www.linkedin.com/in/kevin-zoi-oranje/
Nick NM Yap, CTO – https://www.linkedin.com/in/nmyap/

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