Turn Meetings and Calls
Into Patient Intelligence
Zoi Meet is designed to ease the burden of documentation, enabling doctors to focus on treating patients. Automate your note-taking during patient meetings to share within the electronic health record system.
Get True Visibility Into
Physician-Patient Meetings
Zoi Meet can capture physician-patient conversations in real time, without disrupting the interaction. Transcripts can be processed to identify keywords, next steps, and can be deep-searched with timestamped audio to listen back to.
Revisit Patient Conversations
To Update the EHR system
Revisit last or past conversations with patients and filter out key entities like medication, dosage, strength, and frequency, before final entry into electronic health record (EHR) systems.

Capture Important Signals
To Respond to COVID-19
As the world responds to the ongoing pandemic, it’s more important than ever to accurately access, consume, and analyze information related to COVID-19. With Zoi Meet you make sure to capture and log conversations to share information faster and accuratly.
Review, Search, and Edit
Online Patient Consults
Review, search, and edit your patient consultations within the Zoi Meet platform with an easy to use editing feature before copying the data into your EHR system.
Live Transcriptions
In Multiple Languages
During your online physician-patient meetings you and the patient can have a better understanding by captioning your consultation in real-time. The hard of hearing will be able to read along what's being said and even in a different language using our new beta feature.
Ready to change the way you communicate?
Create visibility, provide understanding, and deliver a better service.

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