The Zoom Feature You May Not Know

The New Way of Working

With COVID-19 affecting and disrupting lives around the world, professionals globally have been introduced to a new way of working, or more commonly known as “remote working”. 

Now, some of us were already familiar with this concept and have been working away from the office already. However, for others, working remotely may present more of a challenge to get used to. And since more companies are instructing their employees to work from home, home becomes the new office. Teams that once connected on the work floor, are now connecting online to communicate and share information. So it is to no one’s surprise that solutions such as Zoom, WebEx and Microsoft Teams have experienced a huge growth in usage, up to 500%.

We are officially in a global remote working pilot that has placed us in a position to quickly adapt to the new way of working. And although we hope that our lives will soon return to “normal”, we can expect this experience to teach companies that remote (flexible) working could be the (new) way of working. This means that getting educated on using the right remote tools and technologies is more important than ever.

So, tell me about this Zoom feature?

With Zoom becoming every employee’s best friend during these insecure times, it’s good to know what can make your meetings and work even more productive. That is why we like to share with you a “feature” you may not have been aware of before. The hardest and most difficult part of working remotely is keeping your team aligned on what is discussed, agreed upon and what are the next steps? As we all go online to meet with people, how do you keep track of what was said? And by who?

Introducing Zoi Meet
We like to introduce to you a free solution that was built for Zoom users. Zoi Meet is an award-winning cloud-based solution that will capture your meetings up to the small details and will make sure you can focus 100% on the conversation. Zoi Meet will join your meetings as a participant in order to record and process your conversations into searchable transcripts and conversational insights.

With Zoi Meet you won’t need to remember who said what because it automatically detects and identifies speakers. In addition to that, you can even customize Zoi Meet to adapt to your communication style, by setting triggers that will identify the highlights of your conversation.

Once your meeting has ended, you will have a searchable meeting that will show you who said what with a highlighted summary of the most important parts of your conversation. You can even create a summary report to quickly share with others or within your CRM for the entire team to review.

How to get started with Zoi Meet & Zoom

Step 1 – Register your Zoi Meet account

For the coming months during the COVID-19 situation, you can use Zoi Meet completely for free to support all your meetings. All you have to do is register an account by clicking on the button below.

Step 2 – Invite Zoi Meet to your Zoom Meeting

Zoi Meet can join your Zoom calls directly through a calendar invite when scheduling your call. All you have to do is invite zoi@zoimeet.com as a participant to your meeting and add the Zoom link in your calendar description. Once Zoi Meet is invited, it will join at the scheduled time and date of your call as a participant. While you focus on the conversation, Zoi Meet will take care of your note taking, without interupting your call.

Step 3 – Review your meeting in your archive

Once your meeting has ended, visit the Web Platform. Within the Zoi Meet Web Platform you can access your Archive where all your calls are stored. Within your archive you will not only find your call recordings and corresponding transcripts. You will also find conversational insights and the ability to create summaries and export options.

Just three steps?

Yes! It is super easy to create a powerful combination of Zoi Meet and Zoom to make sure you get the best out of your meetings. You can save up to five hours per week on note-taking and follow-up while making sure you capture every detail of your conversations. Of course, there is more to explore within the Zoi Meet platform, so make sure to get started with Zoi Meet and Zoom today!

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