Keeping Your Meetings
and Calls Secure
Your Data is Yours, Always.
Enterprise-Level Security Guaranteed
At Zoi Meet, we believe in a more secure and private future for businesses when it comes to capturing conversations. Thats why we build our technology in house using our highly skilled team to develop our propriotary speech technology and compliant software platform to keep your data secure and private.

Zoi Meet hosts its software on Amazon Web services (AWS), but due to our unique cloud-agnostic architecture, we can deploy our solution on any preferred cloud service. Amazon provides an long list of compliance and regulatory assurances, including SOC 3, and ISO 27001. - visit this link for more info.

All of our servers are owned and managed by our dedicated technical team. We host our own virtual private cloud in which data is processed and securely stored. Your data is always yours to keep, or delete permanently. We do not, and will never, use your data for monetary gains through third-party partners.
General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)
Zoi Meet is fully compliant with the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) as a platform, as well as our AWS storage of data. We are committed to continue to keep your data well protected within and beyond the EU regulations. With Zoi Meet's GDPR compliance you are ensured of data protection and privacy.
Our Corporate Security Standards
At Zoi Meet we believe that security and privacy is not just part of our technological standards, it is part of our team standards. 
Zoi Meet therefore makes sure to communicate and educate on our security policies so they are followed by our team members.
New-hires are educated and trained on our security and privacy standards after which a confidentiality agreement is signed.
New partners joining our platform's ecosystem are required to sign confidentiality agreements.
All employees are reminded of security and privacy best practices through management communication.
During bi-weekly meetings we discuss security and privacy concerns and solutions to improve on our best practice as a team.
Our Secure Development Process
At Zoi Meet, we develop our code in house according through a documented process and regular code-checks within our development team. 
We have dedicated code-testers on our team that will on a daily basis review and test new lines of code within our software.
We comply with code peer reviews before it is committed to the master code branch of the Zoi Meet software application.
We make use of automated testing tools and run self-written automation scripts to test the functionality of our code.
Dedicated test team members will stress-test and scenario-test new features within the platform on a daily basis.
Penetration tests are scheduled on a regular basis to further protect our application and user data as part of our continuous development process.
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