Zoi Meet enhances team productivity
and improves collaboration
One platform for all to share and co-edit meetings to maximize collaboration.
Improve Collaboration

Make sure everyone is on the same page with one shared archive that everyone contributes value to simultaneously. Stay updated on all meetings that take place within your team or with your clients and partners to never miss out on a single detail.

Better Connected

Connect remote and internal teams better and support their internal communication with Zoi Meet to share conversational  insights and information with one another faster. Save time and get more work done by introducing AI automation. 

Zoi Meet on-premise
Never question the security of your data and store all your confidential meetings and outcomes on your internal servers. Process confidential meetings and audio privately within the
walls of your organization with an on-premise deployment of Zoi Meet. 

Grow as a team
Never question the responsibility and follow-up activity of your team as Zoi Meet automatically detects actionable items. Share your follow-up activities within your CRM or project management tools to make sure the entire team knows what to do and when to act on it.