Zoi Meet joins T-Mobile’s first Accelerator

We are excited to announce that Zoi Meet is part of T-Mobile’s first Accelerator Program. In these challenging times where home offices are the new norm, we join an amazing cohort and management team, remotely.

T-Mobile Accelerator Program

It’s been widely reported that T-Mobile’s merger with Sprint is driven by the ambition to build a comprehensive ecosystem of 5G technology , and we are proud to say that we get to be part of that ambition.

John Saw, formerly CTO at Sprint, now leads Advanced & Emerging Technologies at T-Mobile as the Executive Vice President. He brings along with him a strong 5G ecosystem, including the Sprint 5G Accelerator, from now officially rebranded as the T-Mobile Accelerator.

Zoi Meet demonstration of transcriptions on multiple devices at the same time

T-Mobile gains the experience of the accelerator team that has already managed 6 previous accelerator programs within Sprint. Now, T-Mobile shall benefit from this experience as the  team shall be the strong foundation for its 1st in-house accelerator to power innovation for T-Mobile’s emerging technology ambitions.

The participating cohort for the program is a selection of startups and scaleups that reflect a common theme of AI, with emerging technologies that would benefit from and anchor 5G applications. Zoi Meet is participating in the program together with Aware Vehicles, Homebase, Orbi Prime, Seerslab, and Unmanned Life.

Nick Yap (CTO and Founder Zoi Meet) & Kevin Oranje (CEO and Founder Zoi Meet)

“We are excited to work closely with the T-Mobile team to learn from, and collaborate with, to continue to grow our company and solution capabilities. By combining our AI expertise with T-Mobile’s 5G network we will pave the way for the next generation of communication technologies.”

Kevin Oranje, CEO of Zoi Meet

Zoi Meet houses a strong team of AI and Digital Product professionals that are extremely eager to take Enterprise Communications to the next level. As we get more accustomed to working remotely, the potential of combining Zoi Meet with T-Mobile’s 5G network will provide the flexibility and reliability that enterprise mobility demands. Zoi Meet and T-Mobile will be at the forefront of enhancing the daily communication for teleworkers globally.

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