Zoombombing Password Update for Zoi Meet

What is “Zoombombing”?

Millions of people have adopted the Zoom meeting platform over the past couple of weeks as work and school has moved from offices and classes, to people’s homes. Unfortunately, this has made Zoom an interesting target for so-called “Zoom Bombers” to uninvitedly join active Zoom meetings to disrupt them for fun.

Now, some may see this as a harmless prank or more often referred to online as “trolling”. But, sadly the Zoombombing has led to hate speech and harassment that even caught the attention of the F.B.I.

Mandatory Passwords for Zoom Meetings

In response to the Zoombombers, Zoom decided to update their security standards and make passwords to join meetings as a mandatory setting. Before, Zoom users could disable passwords for scheduling meetings, passwords for instant meetings, and passwords to join meetings by phone. However, as of today, passwords are mandatory and can’t be disabled for meetings.

Additionally, you now have to admit participants into your meeting which means participants do not automatically join your Zoom meeting anymore. You are required to allow the participant to join the meeting manually.

Unwanted participants (Zoombombers) are unable to ruin your meeting or webinar if they do not know the password to join and are not manually admitted into your meetings. We do not know if this security change is here to stay, but for now, this is the new way of Zooming.

How this affects Zoi Meet

Zoom’s security update has a direct effect on how you use Zoi Meet from now on, due to the fact that you will need to add a password, and admit Zoi Meet as a participant to the meeting.

This morning we quickly updated our user flow and code which now requires you to always add a password when inviting Zoi Meet to you call.

However, this only applies to those users with a free Zoom account. Those with a Pro account of Zoom (licensed users) that did not set a password for their meeting will be allowed to just type in a 0 (zero) in the password field of Zoi Meet when inviting Zoi Meet manually. When inviting by calendar, we always advise to paste the entire Zoom invitation into the calendar description.

You can read up on our online manual or read the basic instructions to this new Zoi Meet invite process below.

Scheduling Zoi Meet with a Zoom Password by calendar

  1. zoi@zoimeet.com as a participant to your calendar.
  2. Copy the Zoom Invitation in the calendar description
  3. Check to make sure the password and URL are in the invite
  4. Send your calendar invite to confirm

    Learn more about the calendar invite here
This is an example for Google Calendar but will also work for Outlook

Inviting Zoi Meet manually with a Zoom Password

  1. Go to web.zoimeet.com and log into your account
  2. Click on Invite to enter your Zoom Meeting details
  3. Set a title for your meeting (what is your meeting called?)
  4. Paste the Zoom URL for the meeting
  5. Enter password to your Zoom Meeting
  6. Admit Zoi Meet to your meeting

    Learn more about the manual invite here
If you have a paid account for Zoom and did not activated a password for your Zoom meeting you can simply type in a 0 (zero) in the password field to invite Zoi Meet.

We welcome your questions and encourage you to reach out with any feedback you may have. Together we can build an amazing platform to support all your meetings and change the way we communicate globally!

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